Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Broccoli Quiche and Waldorf Salad

It's brunch for dinner! I used the Classic Broccoli Quiche recipe from Vegan Brunch and served it with a veganized Waldorf Salad over baby greens. I haven't had waldorf salad in years, but I suddenly craved it with this quiche. A bit of quick googling, and it turns out that it's super easy to veganize. Just substitute the super-tasty Vegenaise for mayo, and voila! I even used the Omega-3 version of Vegenaise, so that makes it healthy, right? RIGHT?

I admitted my time constraints this week and used store-bought crusts, but I really like this brand, so it worked out okay. They're flaky, don't leave a greasy mouth after-feel, and they're only $3.50 for two.

Both my kids enjoyed this meal, and the older went so far as to ask for the leftovers in his school lunch tomorrow. I would have gladly eaten the last piece, but I suppose my desire for easy lunch packing trumps my desire to overeat :)

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