Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Creamy Broccoli & Mushroom Bake

Tonight's dinner was the Creamy Broccoli & Mushroom Bake from VeganYumYum, braised baby bok choy w/ shallots adapted from Veganomicon, and baked apples. I didn't take pictures because both of the main dishes are a bit of an ugly duckling!

Karen got a quick red lentil & brown rice casserole, but it was more like a dal than a casserole, since it doesn't actual "set" into cut-able pieces. I hope it worked out for you guys!

I thought the Broccoli & Mushroom bake had too much salt, personally. I should have remembered that the sauce had soy sauce in it before I added the "pinch" of salt to the broccoli/mushroom mixture. I also used ritz crackers instead of bread crumbs on the top, so that added some saltiness as well.

Of course, I claim hardship because I had to spend THE ENTIRE DAY with Casper in the backpack. It's hard to cook when there's a baby pulling your hair!


  1. The meal was terrific. Seriously, we loved it. And Arthur ate a serving which was a shock to us since his arch nemesis is broccoli. Thanks for a great meal Claire!

  2. The lentil dish was good, Claire. Thanks for going to such lengths to accommodate us.