Thursday, January 28, 2010


How nice would that be? Sitting on the beach in Jamaica, next to the blue water, the sand between my toes, no laundry to do or house to be cleaned. Now that I am awake from my dream, lets talk about food. Since I couldn't be in Jamaica, I decided to make Jamaican food. The recipe comes from the cookbook Vegan Fire and Spice. I served Jamaican spiced tempeh nuggets with Jamican baked vegetables and a side of brown rice. I overkilled a bit on the vegetables, making way to much. So much that I have a large container in my freezer now. Which is okay for one of those crazy days when there is no time to cook. The meal was a bit pricy for me. I spent $30 which is still cheaper than dining at a restaurant. There is no way you could feed 8 adults for $30. I am just cheap and purchasing an arse load of organic potatoes can be a bit expensive. But, like I said, I overkilled on the veggies making way to much, so it would have cost less if I hadn't made enough to feed an army. I am glad I stayed at $30. I try to make that my cost limit. We really enjoyed the dish. Josh requested that I make it again in the future. I hope everyone else liked it too.


  1. We loved it. I have no idea how to make tempeh, but it's good.

  2. I loved the tempeh, too! I usually only do tempeh in chili-style stuff (like Wheatsville's! Oh man, that's good...), but this has me thinking I might want to expand my horizons.