Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tunisian Couscous

Tonight's meal was Tunisian Couscous from Robin Robertson's Fire & Spice. I used potatoes instead of turnips, but otherwise followed the recipe as written. I tripled the recipe to have enough for all 4 families.

The side was brussels wraps filled with roasted sweet potatoes in a cilantro-lime dressing. I love the combination of the sweet & tart! Brussels greens are super healthy and are the perfect shape for wraps, like big ping-pong paddles. The greens, potatoes, and cilantro were all from Boggy Creek Farm.

I also included a couple handfuls of dried Deglat Noor dates for dessert/sides to round out the middle-eastern feel of this meal.

This meal cost a little over $25.


  1. So good! And Arthur loved the "candy". That is what he calls dried fruit.

  2. We liked it all, but the brussels wraps knocked us off our feet. Where did that recipe come from?

  3. Just saw your comment, Karen. I just made that recipe up myself. It's roasted sweet potatoes (in a little olive oil & salt) tossed with lime cilantro dressing. There are a million recipes for the dressing online, I just picked one and went with it.