Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Taste of India....

For my Wednesday night co-op meal, I cooked Indian food. Authentic, probably not. Tasty, yes. I served curried tofu, tamarind lentils and samosa stuffed potatoes. All three recipes come from the cookbook Veganomicon. I am to lazy to type out the recipes, so if you are interested in them. Just let me know and I will have Josh make a copy of each for you. I estimated the cost of the meal to be right at $20. The most expensive item being the potatoes. Thankfully the store sells organic bags of potatoes now. So it kept me under my $25-30 co-op meal range. Josh and Adam really liked the meal. Arthur ate a few bites of tofu. I loved it, but then again, I like curry anything. I hope everyone enjoyed the meal as much as we did.

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