Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Little bit of India

Tonight's meal was Punjabi-style Aloo Gobi, sauteed mustard & turnip greens, dry-cooked garbanzos, and brownies (!).

The Aloo Gobi came from Madhur Jaffrey's World Vegetarian, which is a great source of authentic international recipes. They tend to be on the more complicated side, with lots of spices added at just the right time, but the results are always amazing!

The dry-cooked garbanzos came from Alternative Vegan, a smaller vegan cookbook with a heavy Indian emphasis. The recipes eschew any "omni-subs" like tofu, soymilk, or seitan, so it's a great way to incorporate more produce & grains into a meal. (Also, apologies for forgetting to remove the curry leaves from the beans. They're just there to impart flavor, not for eating!)

The greens were simply sauteed in olive oil with salt & pepper. The turnip greens were from the store, but the mustard greens were from my garden!

Oh, and the chapatis! They turned out a bit (okay, a lot) denser than I wanted, because I forgot to let the dough rest before flattening & cooking. The gluten didn't tangle/form enough to catch the CO2 bubbles and tough, flat chapatis were my punishment. They seemed to taste good enough, but they were a bit toothsome!

Last but not least, my favorite part of the meal was the brownies! This is a recipe from vegweb.com, and amazingly, these were the lowest-fat part of the meal. Only 2T oil to make a 9x13 pan, and you'd never know it!

This meal cost about $18, with $6 of that for the cauliflower!

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  1. This meal was perfect. I will definitely be making it again. We loved the spice of the mustard green. And the brownies were perfection. Josh and I had to share one because the two little guys inhaled the other.