Friday, February 26, 2010


Last night I served enchiladas for my co-op meal. They were avocado cashew enchiladas with a side of Mexican quinoa. The enchiladas were stuffed with avocado, cashews, tofu, cilantro and spices and topped with a homemade tomatillo sauce. I sprinkled them with a bit of FYH cheeze. The Mexican quinoa was a new recipe I created. We loved it. It was simple and tasty with a hint of lime from the vinaigrette. We finished off our quinoa last night, so I am tempted to make some more for my lunch today. Such goodness. The Mexican quinoa is the kind of meal you can eat hot or cold. We really enjoyed last night's dinner. I hope everyone else did too.
I would also like to say "thanks" to all the co-op ladies. I posted a message Monday stating that I would not be cooking this week due to Arthur being so sick. Everyone was so kind and brought meals for my family. Since I was banned from the kitchen I would have been grabbing food from the freezer or eating sandwiches. You ladies rock! Fortunately, Arthur's fever broke and the puke fest stopped so I was able to cook. I just wanted to say thanks again. You are all greatly appreciated. Hope everyone has a lovely weekend.


  1. We are eating this meal tonight since David had to work late last night - can't wait to try it!

  2. this is the coolest thing i've ever heard of. if i was married... and/or had kids, i would want to be friends with you ladies.