Friday, March 5, 2010


Mint chocolate chip cookies.

Homemade foccacia fresh from the oven.

I will not be posting a picture of the soup I served to the co-op last night. After sitting down to our dinner table to eat it. I was embarrassed that I sent it as a meal. Wow, did it suck. It was recommended by a friend who raved about it. It was a Tuscan white bean soup. It was more like noodles with a little broth and hidden beans. Terrible, just terrible. It was so bland that our picky guy Arthur ate some thinking it was plain noodles. The only redeeming quality about the meal was the homemade foccacia and mint chocolate chip cookies. I will definitely have to redeem myself next week. I think this meal goes down in the books as the worst co-op dish ever. Wowza!


  1. You're too hard on yourself :) Both David & Graiden ate a bowl, so it goes down as a success in my book!

    The whole container of soup was gone by bedtime, so I know that David & I went back for seconds later.

  2. I liked it! It was not fancy and spectacular, but it was simple and tasty in my book, much better than what we would have eaten without the dinner co-op!

  3. Thanks ladies. I am glad you enjoyed it. All the men in my family ate it. Me, not so much. :)