Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Seitanic Red Bean Jambalaya

Tonight's meal with Seitanic Red Bean Jambalaya from Veganomicon. This is a repeat, as I've already made this recipe for the first week of co-op, but I figure enough time has passed to make it okay.

Sides are roasted sweet potato wedges and sauteed broccoli w/ garlic. The potatoes didn't crisp up the way I wanted, so apologies on the slight mushy texture. They're still tasty :)

The whole meal cost about $20.


  1. We loved it. And you can't beat $20 for feeding 8 adults. Wow! By the way, did you make your own seitan or buy it. I love the texture.

  2. I put the potatoes in the oven for about ten minutes and they were delicious! Rory tried and liked the broccoli. Erin ate a frozen waffle with peanut butter, jelly and maple syrup. That's just the way it goes with her.

  3. Erin sounds like Arthur. They have the same meal plan. And Rory eats like Adam does.