Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Kosher for Passover, as interpreted by an atheist

Since some of our co-op members keep kosher for Passover, our co-op is doing the same. Tonight I served a simple mushroom, kale & tofu dish (modified from Real Simple) over quinoa (which is a seed, not a grain, apparently, and therefore okay.) The side dish was baked sweet potato fries.

I love sweet potato fries, they're so simple & tasty. I know I make them often, so I hope no one else is sick of them :) I did finally figure out why some of them kept coming out mushy though. I was using my airbake pans to roast them, and the pans weren't getting hot enough to really sear the outsides. That's great when you're making cookies, less awesome with vegetables. The ones I made on a standard cookie sheet lined with foil were perfect. Need more regular cookie sheets, I guess!

I feel like I am finally getting back into my stride after a really bad funk the last couple weeks. I know my meals had suffered some, but hopefully that's all behind me now. Sometimes, mama-ing is just HARD.


  1. Thanks for making a kosher meal for us. You rock! The meal was terrific. And we never get tired of sweet potatoes. I love the fact that our little bear Adam ate every part of this meal. Arthur aka Mr. Pickypants opted for the quinoa and tofu. Which is a stretch for him. I was happy to see he ate that and didn't ask for bread. Thanks for a great meal.

  2. Not tired of sweet potatoes over here. I absurdly thought sweet potato skins weren't supposed to be eaten but you have shown me the light. As to your cooking funk, I did not notice--it was all good to us.