Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Chik'n Fajitas with fixins

Tonight was one of our favorite summer recipes: Fajitas!

I used chik'n style seitan with onions, peppers, & cherry tomatoes, generously coated with fajita seasoning. Served with all the usual stuff: tortillas, guacamole, and salsa. I also made some refried beans to eat on the side, or on your fajita, whatever floats your boat.

This is one of our summer staples, and I keep meaning to get a griddle for our grill so I can cook it outside. It can really heat up the kitchen during July, but David adores them (and, I admit, I do too,) so we make them at least once a week.

This meal was also one of my more expensive ones (about $30), the priciest ingredients being the frozen organic peppers & avocados. Frozen peppers are actually one of our biggest food costs around here! David uses them in quick stirfries for lunches, I use them in fried rice or in pepper "steak," and they are about $3/bag. Bell peppers are high up on "pesticide residue" lists, so they're one of the few foods that I always buy organic.


  1. Loved them! Are frozen organic peppers cheaper than fresh organic? If so, imma start buying them instead.

  2. This meal was great. The cost of organic bell peppers is robbery. But I will not use conventional. They make meals taste so good.

  3. Sunni, they're $3 at Wheatsville for a 10oz bag of frozen stoplight peppers. I usually assume the bag is worth 1-2 fresh peppers when subbing them out.

    We only eat fresh peppers in the summer when we can get them from the garden or Boggy Creek Farm.