Monday, April 19, 2010

White beans with greens

I improvised a recipe based on a simple idea off of VegWeb that was simply lightly boiled greens sauteed with white beans, garlic, shallots, oil, salt and pepper. My garden had a lot of mustard greens and spinach and I wanted to use that before it went to seed.

So, I love that the greens were fresh. I served this with brown rice, though I wonder if it might have gone better with pasta. But white beans just always make me think pasta. I think I could have used even more greens and probably should have harvested some of the chard I had in the garden too.

This was the first meal for which I didn't have to go shopping - I had the greens growing in the garden and I always keep canned white beans and rice on hand. Since I have spent a fair amount on some of my coop meals lately, I wanted to make this one more economical. In that spirit, I tapped my current resources for a side for the bean and rice dish. I wanted to make something bread-y to go with the meal, which is pretty complete with protein, veggies and grain. I had some Hodgson's Bran Muffin mix in the pantry which I have made vegan before and had it turn out well. I would say these turned out "okay". I was out of ener-g egg replacer, so I used flax seed instead and they were pretty chewy. Also, I didn't add enough oj to add to the flavor too much so they're still pretty branny. At least I added plump raisins and they are incredibly healthy. So, there's that. I think the worst offense of all? They simply don't go with the white bean/rice mix. We certainly didn't eat them with dinner, just munched on them as a snack.

Well, not every week's a win I guess.


  1. We loved the beans and greens and the boys inhaled the muffins.

  2. Excellent.